Building a 5-Band Cobwebb HF Antenna


I got really interested in this project after reading about it online. I assume you know what these are already if you are reading this.You can find plans for cobwebb antennas all over the web. I decided to go with a combination of plans and taking bits and pieces from many to make it fit what I am trying to accomplish. This is NOT in order of assembly, but more in the order it makes sense to present this information. I will be adding to these pages as I make adjustments.

I am breaking this project up into sections, this being part one of many. So I am starting with the juction box and 4:1 Balun. This is needed due to the impedence of the speaker cables and the 50 ohms needed to match it. So oyu are working with 12 Ohms x 4 which comes to 48 Ohms which is close enough.

So let's get started. The Balun is a very straight forward construction.

This kit I actually ordered off of ebay, here it is finished:

And all the parts you need. I will go over the speaker wires later as well as the frame which will support them. You will need an SO-239 plug (UHF) the balun above, a case which fits it all. Wire ties are just used to keep the speaker wires in place. Two pieces of copper as shown below. You will also need a set of four screws and nuts for the plug (Not pictured).

Join all connections as shown. Only one side is split on the speaker cables, more on this later. I just used a soldering iron for the cutout for the SO-239. No, I am not an artist, thanks for asking but it does the job!

Here it is all put together:

And a better angle to see how the connections are made:

Finally all closed up:

The rest consisted of simpply mounting on a "cross" shaped temp mount. While it performed OK, I decided to stick with the hex beam and no longer use it. I am leaving this up in case someone decides to give it a shot!

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