Upgrading the AEA / Timewave PK-232MBX


After obtaining an older AEA PK-232MBX on ebay for under $100, I have decided to perform a major overhaul of one to bring it up to date. Basically I obtained the Eprom upgrade, DSP option (The main reason I got one), Low power upgrade, USB option (good bye serial) and the Sound Card Upgrade. While I was performing the upgrade, I did run into some things which I though I would document and share here as a suplement for those performing one or all of these upgrades or for anyone curious. In addition to the above, I also decided to install the selector switch as well as the overload light in the front panel to bring this unit up to 2013 specs.

The people at Timewave were not only super helpful but also kind enought to include a schematic for me to use for the drilling I was going to perform. I used blue painters tape over the area I was going to drill to prevent damage to the case if the drill was going to slip, plus to prevent sliping and a sharpie to mark it. I would recommend starting with a smaller drill bit and work your way up. Please see images below to see final results. Here it is Before:

And After:

And the other side Before:

And After...The only new thing is the red LED which connects directly to the DSP board (not documented, watch Polarity!) also note the sleeve around the LED. Both Parts available at your favorite Electronics store:

This concludes the Mechanical Modifications required. Now on to the Electronic portion in PART 2 (CLICK TO CONTINUE).

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