The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and the Family Radio Service (FRS) are now merged or overlapped if you will as one can see from the table.

The main difference is licensing requirements. FRS is unlicensed, simplex radio service (Meaning radio to radio directly) designated for personal use. FRS radios may NOT have external antennas or power amplifiers attached to them. Power output is limited compared to GMRS.

GMRS use requires a License specific to that service. It also allows more power as seen in the table below and allows for the use of repeaters.

Cross communication between FRS and GMRS is allowed. Monitoring either service is allowed and often quite busy during special events, cruises and any place families need to communicate where cell service may not be available.

For the San Francisco Bay Area Ham Radio Repeaters, please visit the Repeater DataBase of this site.

Channel Type Frequency (MHz) Family Radio Service (FRS) General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)
1FRS/GMRS462.56252W / 12.5kHz5W / 25kHz
2FRS/GMRS462.58752W / 12.5kHz5W / 25kHz
3FRS/GMRS462.61252W / 12.5kHz5W / 25kHz
4FRS/GMRS462.63752W / 12.5kHz5W / 25kHz
5FRS/GMRS462.66252W / 12.5kHz5W / 25kHz
6FRS/GMRS462.68752W / 12.5kHz5W / 25kHz
7FRS/GMRS462.71252W / 12.5kHz5W / 25kHz
8FRS/GMRS467.56250.5W / 12.5kHz0.5W / 12.5kHz
9FRS/GMRS467.58750.5W / 12.5kHz0.5W / 12.5kHz
10FRS/GMRS467.61250.5W / 12.5kHz0.5W / 12.5kHz
11FRS/GMRS467.63750.5W / 12.5kHz0.5W / 12.5kHz
12FRS/GMRS467.66250.5W / 12.5kHz0.5W / 12.5kHz
13FRS/GMRS467.68750.5W / 12.5kHz0.5W / 12.5kHz
14FRS/GMRS467.71250.5W / 12.5kHz0.5W / 12.5kHz
15FRS/GMRS462.552W / 12.5kHz50W / 25kHz
16FRS/GMRS462.5752W / 12.5kHz50W / 25kHz
17FRS/GMRS462.62W / 12.5kHz50W / 25kHz
18FRS/GMRS462.6252W / 12.5kHz50W / 25kHz
19FRS/GMRS462.652W / 12.5kHz50W / 25kHz
20FRS/GMRS462.6752W / 12.5kHz50W / 25kHz
21FRS/GMRS462.72W / 12.5kHz50W / 25kHz
22FRS/GMRS462.7252W / 12.5kHz50W / 25kHz
RPT15GMRS467.55-50W / 25kHz
RPT16GMRS467.575-50W / 25kHz
RPT17GMRS467.6-50W / 25kHz
RPT18GMRS467.625-50W / 25kHz
RPT19GMRS467.65-50W / 25kHz
RPT20GMRS467.675-50W / 25kHz
PRT21GMRS467.7-50W / 25kHz
RPT22GMRS467.725-50W / 25kHz

If you find something incorrect, have an update, or if there is something you would like to see added to the site, drop me a line here. I like to keep things as up-to-date and as accurate as possible. Thank you! - Lucas / W6AER

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