This Frequency DataBase contains the general Scanner Frequency list for San Mateo County, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. For San Francisco Bay Area Ham Radio Repeaters, please visit the Repeater DataBase of this site.

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CityServiceFrequencyPLModeNeeds Check
AthertonPolice Dispatch489.0875 Mhz162.2FMN
AthertonFire (South) Dispatch 1A153.8900 Mhz114.8FMN
AthertonFire (South) Command 11154.3700 Mhz114.8FMN
AthertonFire (South) Tactical 15154.0400 Mhz118.8FMN
AthertonFire (South) Tactical 16154.0100 Mhz110.9FMN
AthertonFire (South) Tactical 17155.4000 Mhz141.3FMN
BelmontPolice Dispatch488.4875 Mhz162.2FMN
BelmontPolice Secondary483.0875 Mhz162.2FMN
BelmontFire (South) Dispatch 1A153.8900 Mhz114.8FMN
BelmontFire (South) Command 11154.3700 Mhz114.8FMN
BelmontFire (South) Tactical 15154.0400 Mhz118.8FMN
BelmontFire (South) Tactical 16154.0100 Mhz110.9FMN
BelmontFire (South) Tactical 17155.4000 Mhz141.3FMN
BrisbanePolice Dispatch488.3875 Mhz162.2FMN
BrisbanePublic Works490.8750 MhzNoneFMN
BrisbaneFire (North) Dispatch 3154.1000 Mhz114.8FMN
BrisbaneFire (North) Command 31151.0850 Mhz123FMN
BrisbaneFire (North) Tactical 35154.0100 Mhz118.8FMN
BrisbaneFire (North) Tactical 36154.0400 Mhz162.2FMN
BrisbaneFire (North) Tactical 37155.4000 Mhz107.2FMN
BroadmoorPolice Dispatch482.5625 Mhz114.8FMN
BroadmoorPolice Secondary488.4875 Mhz114.8FMN
BroadmoorFire (North) Dispatch 3154.1000 Mhz114.8FMN
BroadmoorFire (North) Command 31151.0850 Mhz123FMN
BroadmoorFire (North) Tactical 35154.0100 Mhz118.8FMN
BroadmoorFire (North) Tactical 36154.0400 Mhz162.2FMN
BroadmoorFire (North) Tactical 37155.4000 Mhz107.2FMN
BurlingamePolice Dispatch489.0875 Mhz114.8FMN
BurlingamePolice Tactical489.5625 Mhz114.8FMN
BurlingamePublic Works151.1150 Mhz100FMN
BurlingameFire (Central) Dispatch 2153.7850 Mhz156.7FMN
BurlingameFire (Central) Command 21153.9500 Mhz114.8FMN
BurlingameFire (Central) Tactical 25154.1450 Mhz118.8FMN
BurlingameFire (Central) Tactical 26153.8300 Mhz110.9FMN
BurlingameFire (Central) Tactical 27155.7450 Mhz162.2FMN
ColmaPolice Dispatch490.9125 Mhz167.9FMN
ColmaFire (North) Dispatch 3154.1000 Mhz114.8FMN
ColmaFire (North) Command 31151.0850 Mhz123FMN
ColmaFire (North) Tactical 35154.0100 Mhz118.8FMN
ColmaFire (North) Tactical 36154.0400 Mhz162.2FMN
ColmaFire (North) Tactical 37155.4000 Mhz107.2FMN
ColmaHoly Cross Cemetery Ch1 (MURS 4)154.5700 MhzNoneFMN
ColmaHoly Cross Cemetery Ch2 (MURS 5)154.6000 MhzNoneFMN
Daly CityPolice Dispatch488.9375 Mhz162.2FMN
Daly CityPolice Tactical489.6125 Mhz162.2FMN
Daly CityPublic Works156.1350 Mhz114.8FMN
Daly CityCow Palacce160.0200 MhzNoneFMN
Daly CityWater and Sanitationÿ453.5500 Mhz118.8FMN
Daly CityFire (North) Dispatch 3154.1000 Mhz114.8FMN
Daly CityFire (North) Command 31151.0850 Mhz123FMN
Daly CityFire (North) Tactical 35154.0100 Mhz118.8FMN
Daly CityFire (North) Tactical 36154.0400 Mhz162.2FMN
Daly CityFire (North) Tactical 37155.4000 Mhz107.2FMN
Daly CityKaiser - Security451.3250 Mhz743 DPLFMN
Daly CityKaiser - Engineering451.4000 Mhz251 DPLFMN
Daly CityKaiser - Building Operations451.7750 Mhz432 DPLFMN
Daly CityKaiser - Courier Services452.2750 Mhz732 DPLFMN
East Palo AltoPolice Dispatch488.3875 Mhz114.8FMN
East Palo AltoFire (South) Dispatch 1A153.8900 Mhz114.8FMN
East Palo AltoFire (South) Command 11154.3700 Mhz114.8FMN
East Palo AltoFire (South) Tactical 15154.0400 Mhz118.8FMN
East Palo AltoFire (South) Tactical 16154.0100 Mhz110.9FMN
East Palo AltoFire (South) Tactical 17155.4000 Mhz141.3FMN
Foster CityPolice Dispatch488.6125 Mhz162.2FMN
Foster CityPolice Secondary488.9375 Mhz114.8FMN
Foster CityFire (Central) Dispatch 2153.7850 Mhz156.7FMN
Foster CityFire (Central) Command 21153.9500 Mhz114.8FMN
Foster CityFire (Central) Tactical 25154.1450 Mhz118.8FMN
Foster CityFire (Central) Tactical 26153.8300 Mhz110.9FMN
Foster CityFire (Central) Tactical 27155.7450 Mhz162.2FMN
Half Moon BayPolice Dispatch488.3875 Mhz173.8FMNYes
Half Moon BayFire (Coast) Dispatch 1B154.3400 Mhz114.8FMN
Half Moon BayFire (Coast) Command 41155.8950 Mhz114.8FMN
Half Moon BayFire (Coast) Tactical 45153.8300 Mhz118.8FMN
Half Moon BayFire (Coast) Tactical 46154.4450 Mhz110.9FMN
Half Moon BayFire (Coast) Tactical 47155.7450 Mhz162.2FMN
Half Moon BayHalf Moon Bay (HAF) - ATIS127.2750 MhzNoneAM
Half Moon BayHalf Moon Bay (HAF) - CTAF122.8000 MhzNoneAM
HillsboroughPolice Dispatch488.3375 Mhz114.8FMN
HillsboroughPolice Tactical484.8625 Mhz114.8FMN
HillsboroughFire (Central) Dispatch 2153.7850 Mhz156.7FMN
HillsboroughFire (Central) Command 21153.9500 Mhz114.8FMN
HillsboroughFire (Central) Tactical 25154.1450 Mhz118.8FMN
HillsboroughFire (Central) Tactical 26153.8300 Mhz110.9FMN
HillsboroughFire (Central) Tactical 27155.7450 Mhz162.2FMN
HillsboroughPublic Works156.2250 Mhz114.8FMN
La HondaFire (Coast) Dispatch 1D154.2350 Mhz114.8FMN
La HondaFire (Coast) Command 41155.8950 Mhz114.8FMN
La HondaFire (Coast) Tactical 45153.8300 Mhz118.8FMN
La HondaFire (Coast) Tactical 46154.4450 Mhz110.9FMN
La HondaFire (Coast) Tactical 47155.7450 Mhz162.2FMN
Menlo ParkPolice Dispatch488.3375 Mhz162.2FMN
Menlo ParkFire (South) Dispatch 1A153.8900 Mhz114.8FMN
Menlo ParkFire (South) Command 11154.3700 Mhz114.8FMN
Menlo ParkFire (South) Tactical 15154.0400 Mhz118.8FMN
Menlo ParkFire (South) Tactical 16154.0100 Mhz110.9FMN
Menlo ParkFire (South) Tactical 17155.4000 Mhz141.3FMN
MillbraePolice Dispatch489.1375 Mhz114.8FMNYes
MillbraePublic Works156.1050 Mhz173.8FMN
MillbraeMills High School Security466.9875 Mhz205 DPLFMN
MillbraeMillbrae School District - Taylor MS464.6625 Mhz131.8FMN
MillbraeFire (Central) Dispatch 2153.7850 Mhz156.7FMN
MillbraeFire (Central) Command 21153.9500 Mhz114.8FMN
MillbraeFire (Central) Tactical 25154.1450 Mhz118.8FMN
MillbraeFire (Central) Tactical 26153.8300 Mhz110.9FMN
MillbraeFire (Central) Tactical 27155.7450 Mhz162.2FMN
PacificaPolice Dispatch488.7375 Mhz162.2FMN
PacificaFire (North) Dispatch 3154.1000 Mhz114.8FMN
PacificaFire (North) Command 31151.0850 Mhz123FMN
PacificaFire (North) Tactical 35154.0100 Mhz118.8FMN
PacificaFire (North) Tactical 36154.0400 Mhz162.2FMN
PacificaFire (North) Tactical 37155.4000 Mhz107.2FMN
PescaderoFire (Coast) Dispatch 1E151.0850 Mhz114.8FMN
PescaderoFire (Coast) Command 41155.8950 Mhz114.8FMN
PescaderoFire (Coast) Tactical 45153.8300 Mhz118.8FMN
PescaderoFire (Coast) Tactical 46154.4450 Mhz110.9FMN
PescaderoFire (Coast) Tactical 47155.7450 Mhz162.2FMN
Pigeon PointFire (Coast) Dispatch 1C154.1450 Mhz114.8FMN
Pigeon PointFire (Coast) Command 41155.8950 Mhz114.8FMN
Pigeon PointFire (Coast) Tactical 45153.8300 Mhz118.8FMN
Pigeon PointFire (Coast) Tactical 46154.4450 Mhz110.9FMN
Pigeon PointFire (Coast) Tactical 47155.7450 Mhz162.2FMN
Portola VelleyFire (South) Dispatch 1A153.8900 Mhz114.8FMN
Portola VelleyFire (South) Command 11154.3700 Mhz114.8FMN
Portola VelleyFire (South) Tactical 15154.0400 Mhz118.8FMN
Portola VelleyFire (South) Tactical 16154.0100 Mhz110.9FMN
Portola VelleyFire (South) Tactical 17155.4000 Mhz141.3FMN
Redwood CityPolice Dispatch483.4125 Mhz186.2FMN
Redwood CityPolice Secondary488.7875 Mhz162.2FMN
Redwood CityPolice Tactical484.4875 Mhz173.8FMN
Redwood CityFire (South) Dispatch 1A153.8900 Mhz114.8FMN
Redwood CityFire (South) Command 11154.3700 Mhz114.8FMN
Redwood CityFire (South) Tactical 15154.0400 Mhz118.8FMN
Redwood CityFire (South) Tactical 16154.0100 Mhz110.9FMN
Redwood CityFire (South) Tactical 17155.4000 Mhz141.3FMN
San BrunoPolice Dispatch490.5375 Mhz167.9FMN
San BrunoPolice Dispatch (Simulcast)488.7875 Mhz114.8FMN
San BrunoCapuchino High School Security467.1375 Mhz205 DPLFMN
San BrunoPublic Works159.8850 Mhz162.2FMN
San BrunoFire (North) Dispatch 3154.1000 Mhz114.8FMN
San BrunoFire (North) Command 31151.0850 Mhz123FMN
San BrunoFire (North) Tactical 35154.0100 Mhz118.8FMN
San BrunoFire (North) Tactical 36154.0400 Mhz162.2FMN
San BrunoFire (North) Tactical 37155.4000 Mhz107.2FMN
San CarlosHiller Aviation Museum464.8250 Mhz82.5FMN
San CarlosSan Carlos Airport (SQL) - Tower VHF119.0000 MhzNoneAM
San CarlosSan Carlos Airport (SQL) - Tower UHF326.2000 MhzNoneAM
San CarlosSan Carlos Airport (SQL) - Ground121.6000 MhzNoneAM
San CarlosSan Carlos Airport (SQL) - ATIS125.9000 MhzNoneAM
San CarlosFire (South) Dispatch 1A153.8900 Mhz114.8FMN
San CarlosFire (South) Command 11154.3700 Mhz114.8FMN
San CarlosFire (South) Tactical 15154.0400 Mhz118.8FMN
San CarlosFire (South) Tactical 16154.0100 Mhz110.9FMN
San CarlosFire (South) Tactical 17155.4000 Mhz141.3FMN
San MateoPolice Dispatch488.3125 Mhz114.8FMN
San MateoPolice Tactical482.9875 Mhz114.8FMN
San MateoPolice Channel 3482.9125 Mhz114.8FMN
San MateoFire (Central) Dispatch 2153.7850 Mhz156.7FMN
San MateoFire (Central) Command 21153.9500 Mhz114.8FMN
San MateoFire (Central) Tactical 25154.1450 Mhz118.8FMN
San MateoFire (Central) Tactical 26153.8300 Mhz110.9FMN
San MateoFire (Central) Tactical 27155.7450 Mhz162.2FMN
San MateoPublic Works153.9200 Mhz114.8FMN
San MateoHillsdale Mall - Macy's461.4625 MhzNoneFMN
San MateoHillsdale Mall - Nortstrom464.6125 MhzNoneFMN
San MateoHillsdale Mall - Security464.8750 Mhz118.8FMN
South San FranciscoPolice Dispatch488.4625 Mhz114.8FMN
South San FranciscoPolice Secondary490.5875 Mhz114.8FMN
South San FranciscoPolice Tactical489.3375 Mhz114.8FMN
South San FranciscoDistrict Operations464.7000 Mhz432 DPLFMN
South San FranciscoWestborough Middle462.2375 Mhz114 DPLFMN
South San FranciscoParkway Heights Middle462.3375 Mhz94.8FMN
South San FranciscoAlta Loma Middle - Security462.9375 Mhz94.8FMN
South San FranciscoEl Camino High - Security464.0375 Mhz146.2FMN
South San FranciscoSouth San Francisco High - Security464.2375 Mhz146.2FMN
South San FranciscoFire (North) Dispatch 3154.1000 Mhz114.8FMN
South San FranciscoFire (North) Command 31151.0850 Mhz123FMN
South San FranciscoFire (North) Tactical 35154.0100 Mhz118.8FMN
South San FranciscoFire (North) Tactical 36154.0400 Mhz162.2FMN
South San FranciscoFire (North) Tactical 37155.4000 Mhz107.2FMN
South San FranciscoGenentec - Security464.9750 Mhz203.5FMN
South San FranciscoGenentec - Facilities464.4750 Mhz223 DPLFMN
South San FranciscoPublic Works859.9375 Mhz114.8FMN
South San FranciscoPublic Works Secondary857.2125 Mhz114.8FMN
WoodsideFire (South) Dispatch 1A153.8900 Mhz114.8FMN
WoodsideFire (South) Command 11154.3700 Mhz114.8FMN
WoodsideFire (South) Tactical 15154.0400 Mhz118.8FMN
WoodsideFire (South) Tactical 16154.0100 Mhz110.9FMN
WoodsideFire (South) Tactical 17155.4000 Mhz141.3FMN
County WideFire County Command151.4750 Mhz167.9FMN
County WideCounty Sheriff (Simplex)484.4875 Mhz114.8FMN
County WideBay Area Rapid Transit (BART)853.5375 MhzNoneFMN
Solano CountyCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Turquoise (Mobile)42.02 MhzNoneFMN
Redwood CityCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Amber 2 (Base)42.08 MhzNoneFMN
OaklandCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Bronze (Base)42.12 MhzNoneFMN
Marin CountyCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Violet (Base)42.16 MhzNoneFMN
RegionalCHP Golden Gate Division Blue (Mobile)42.18 MhzNoneFMN
San JoseCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Ruby 2 (Mobile)42.28 MhzNoneFMN
RegionalCHP Golden Gate Division Blue (Base)42.34 MhzNoneFMN
OaklandCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Bronze (Mobile)42.40 MhzNoneFMN
Napa CountyCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Grape 2 (Base)42.42 MhzNoneFMN
San FranciscoCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Pink (Base)42.44 MhzNoneFMN
Santa RosaCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Emerald 4 (Mobile)42.48 MhzNoneFMN
San JoseCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Ruby 2 (Base)42.50 MhzNoneFMN
Solano CountyCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Turquoise (Base)42.60 MhzNoneFMN
HaywardCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Aqua (Base)42.62 MhzNoneFMN
Marin CountyCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Violet (Mobile)42.64 MhzNoneFMN
Napa CountyCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Grape 2 (Mobile)42.66 MhzNoneFMN
Contra Costa CountyCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Maroon (Mobile)42.74 MhzNoneFMN
San FranciscoCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Pink (Mobile)42.76 MhzNoneFMN
DublinCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Khaki 2 (Mobile)42.78 MhzNoneFMN
Redwood CityCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Amber 2 (Mobile)42.82 MhzNoneFMN
HaywardCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Aqua (Mobile)42.84 MhzNoneFMN
Contra Costa CountyCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Maroon (Base)42.92 MhzNoneFMN
Santa RosaCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Emerald 4 (Base)44.80 MhzNoneFMN
DublinCHP Golden Gate Dispatch Khaki 2 (Base)44.94 MhzNoneFMN

If you find something incorrect and/or have an update, I would really appreciate if you could let me know by contacting me. I like to keep things as up-to-date as possible. Thank you! - Lucas / W6AER