VHF/UHF Band Plan

Below you will find the VHF/UHF Band Plan generally accepted for use in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you find something incorrect and/or have an update, I would really appreciate if you could let me know by contacting me. I like to keep things as up-to-date as possible. Thank you! - Lucas / W6AER

Band (Mhz)Band (Meters)Calling FrequencyMode/Emission
506m50.125 MhzSSB Calling Frequency
50.620 MhzDigital (Packet)
52.525 MhzNational FM simplex frequency
1442m144.01 MhzEME (Moonbounce)
144.100-110 MhzCW
144.200 MhzSSB Calling Frequency
144.390 MhzAPRS
146.520 MhzNational FM simplex frequency
2221.25m222.100 MhzCW/SSB
223.500 MhzFM Calling Frequency
43270cm432.010 MhzEME (Moonbounce)
432.100 MhzCW/SSB
446.000 MhzFM Calling Frequency
90233cm902.100 MhzCW/SSB
903.100 MhzAlternate CW/SSB
906.500 MhzFM Calling Frequency
927.600 MhzAlternate FM Calling Frequency
129623cm1294.5 MhzFM Calling Frequency
1296.1 MhzCW/SSB
230413cm2304.1 MhzCW/SSB
57605cm5760.1 MhzCW/SSB
100003cm10368.1 MhzCalling Frequency