Below you will find the VHF/UHF Ham Radio Band Plan generally accepted for use in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please take note specifically of the calling frequencies which is where you are likely to find most of the activity during VHF/UHF contests.

Band (MHz)Band (Meters)Calling FrequencyMode/Emission
506m50.125 MHzSSB Calling Frequency
50.620 MHzDigital (Packet)
52.525 MHzNational FM simplex frequency
1442m144.01 MHzEME (Moonbounce)
144.100-110 MHzCW
144.200 MHzSSB Calling Frequency
144.390 MHzAPRS
146.520 MHzNational FM simplex frequency
2221.25m222.100 MHzCW/SSB
223.500 MHzFM Calling Frequency
43270cm432.010 MHzEME (Moonbounce)
432.100 MHzCW/SSB
446.000 MHzFM Calling Frequency
90233cm902.100 MHzCW/SSB
902.500 MHzFM Calling (Regional)
903.100 MHzAlternate CW/SSB
906.500 MHzFM Calling (Regional)
927.500 MHzFM Calling (Most Used - Regional)
927.600 MHzAlternate FM Calling Frequency
129623cm1294.5 MHzFM Calling Frequency
1296.1 MHzCW/SSB
230413cm2304.1 MHzCW/SSB
57605cm5760.1 MHzCW/SSB
100003cm10368.1 MHzCalling Frequency

If you find something incorrect, have an update, or if there is something you would like to see added to the site, drop me a line here. I like to keep things as up-to-date and as accurate as possible. Thank you! - Lucas / W6AER

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