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Table Key:

  • Frequency indicates the receive frequency of the repeater, where you listen.
  • Offset -/+ standard split frequency varies per band or "s" is Simplex. This is where you transmit.
  • Modes Default is Analog, unless otherwise indicated. This can be DMR, D-Star, System Fusion and so on.
  • Tone/DCS/CC is Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System or CTCSS, Digital Code Squelch or DCS is the digital version basically and CC is Color Code which is used in DMR followed by the ID.
  • Call is the callsign the repeater is registered or IDs with.
  • Location is just that, where it resides or QTH of the repeater.

147.2850+114.8WB6ASDHalf Moon Bay
146.9250-114.8WA6TOWPacifica, North Peak
147.5125sAH6KDSan Bruno
145.1500-Analog / C4FMDCS 664W6PWSutro Tower, San Francisco
440.1250+DMRCC3 / 310613W6TCPFremont/Milpitas
440.5000+DMRCC1 / 310673N6AMGDaly City (San Bruno Mtn)
440.5875+DMRCC2 / 110601WB6ECEBonny Doon (Empire Grade)
442.3750+114.8K9JDEDaly City
441.0750+114.8WA6TOWPacifica, Montara Mtn
442.3750+156.7KC6PGVDaly City
442.4750+114.8KF6REKDaly City
444.7250+88.5W6PWSan Francisco (Sutro Tower)
441.2500+141.3K6DNASouth San Francisco
441.8500+ DMRCC1 / 310663K6OTRPalo Alto (Black Mtn)
442.5375+DMRCC1 / 310660WA6YCZSanta Cruz (Mt. Umunhum)
442.7000+173.8N6MNVSouth San Francisco
443.4000+DMRCC1 / 310662WA6KPX Milpitas (Mt. Allison)
443.5000+DMRCC1 / 310604K6LNKOakland (Chaparral Peak)
443.9250+136.5KG6TNSouth San Francisco
444.4750+DMRCC1 / 310715W6OTXSan Jose (Alum Rock Park)
1285.1000-131.8KC6PGVDaly City
1286.0500-123KM6EFSan Bruno

If you find something incorrect and/or have an update, I would really appreciate if you could let me know by contacting me. I like to keep things as up-to-date as possible. Thank you! - Lucas / W6AER