San Francisco Bay Area Ham Repeaters

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147.2850+114.8WB6ASDHalf Moon Bay
146.9250-114.8WA6TOWPacifica, North Peak
147.5125sAH6KDSan Bruno
145.1500-664W6PWSutro Tower, San Francisco
442.3750+114.8K9JDEDaly City
441.0750+114.8WA6TOWPacifica, Montara Mtn
442.3750+156.7KC6PGVDaly City
442.4750+114.8KF6REKDaly City
444.7250+88.5W6PWDaly City, Twin Peaks
441.2500+141.3K6DNASouth San Francisco
443.9250+136.5KG6TNSouth San Francisco
442.7000+173.8N6MNVSouth San Francisco
1285.1000-131.8KC6PGVDaly City
1286.0500-123KM6EFSan Bruno

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