Current Shack Radios & Related Gear:

  • FlexRadio Systems 6600M (HF & 6m) W/GPSDO, Maestro & FlexControl
  • FlexRadio PowerGenius SO2R 1500W Power Amplifier
  • Down East Microwave Transverters (2m, 1.2m, 70cm)
  • ICOM IC-9700 VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver (2m, 70cm, 23cm)
  • WeSaCom APT-06 "German Version" Weather Satellite Receiver
  • Tigertronics Signalink USB for the above and other testing
  • Yaesu FT-311RM (1.25m aka 220) 25W
  • Motorola MCS2000 Model III (33cm aka 900Mhz) 35W
  • Mirage B-320-G Amplifier (2m) 200W
  • Astron 2x SS-50M Amp Rack Mounted Power Supply
  • West Mountain Radio RIGrunner 4010S & 4012 Power Distribution
  • Uniden Bearcat BCD536HP Scanner
  • Heil PRO 7 Microphone Headset - Thanks to my XYL Jill
  • RadioSport RS60CF Headset
  • Down East Microwave 10-4 10Mhz 4 way splitter for GPSDO
  • HackRF One - SDR Transceiver with PortaPack H1
  • SDRplay RSP2pro
  • AirSPY SDR Dongle with SPYverter

Antenna System & Related Gear:

  • KIO Hexbeam Antenna (20-6m / 6 band)
  • SteppIR BigIR Mark IV (6m-40m) + 80/60m Coil with SDA 100 Controller
  • Yaesu G-800 Rotor & Green Heron RT-21D Rotor Controller for the Hexbeam
  • K6MM 160m Homebrew Helical Wound Vertical with an extensive radial system
  • Laird/Cushcraft A144-11 (2m) 11 Element
  • M2 222-10EZ (1.25m) 10 Element
  • M2 6M5XHP (6m) 5 Element  w/Green Heron RT-21 Rotor Controller
  • Palstar HF Auto - Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • Wavenode WN2d - x2 of these precision RF Meter w/multiple probes
  • Diamond D130J Discone Scanner Antenna (25-1300Mhz)
  • Diamond BC920 900Mhz 33cm
  • Diamond X700H (2m/70cm) Vertical w/SSB Electronics DBA-270 Preamp
  • M2 2MCP8A/436CP16 (2m/70cm) Satellite Antenna w/SSB Electronics Pre-Amps
  • Yaesu G-5500 Rotor for the above & Green Heron RT-21 AZ EL
  • Comet CA-Super22 1.25m (220) Vertical
  • Diamond F1230A 23cm (1.2Ghz) Vertical
  • AOR LA800 Receive only loop
  • Homebrew NOAA Satellite QFH 137Mhz
  • ACE GPS timing antenna GA-1575

Software & Configuration:

  • SmartSDR v3 - FlexRadio
  • Ham Radio Deluxe v6 (Paid User)
  • WSJT-X - for FT8, JT65 & JT9
  • SDR Sharp w/Plugins for AIRSPY
  • HDSDR - for RSPplay
  • GNU Radio - Windows & Linux versions
  • SDRConsole v3 - For various SDRs
  • VE3SUN DX Monitor (Paid User)
  • SatPC32 (Paid User)
  • PiAware on RaspberryPi for ADS-B Tracking
  • Other things I may be testing...

Ham Shack Lane:

Below are some versions of the ham shack from the past, I tend to reorganize every few years especially if I get a new receiver, which seems is also every few years.

W6AER Ham Shack 2017
The Ham Shack in 2017 when I started to rack mount, Yaesu FTDX-3000 is use
W6AER Ham Shack in 2013
The W6AER Shack in 2013, Yaesu FT950 in use, before rack mounting

Previous Radios & Gear I have Owned in the past:

  • Yaesu FTDX-3000 Yaesu (HF & 6m) w/ XF-127CN 300hz CW filter
  • Yaesu Microtune Kits MTU-160, MTU-80/40 & MTU-30/20 for the above
  • Yaesu FT-847 w/Inrad Filters (SSB #702C 2100hz & CW #704C 250hz)
  • Yaesu FT-2311 "Japanese Version" (23cm aka 1.2Ghz) 10W
  • Yaesu FTM-350AR w/GPS (2m/1.25m/70cm/APRS)
  • Butternut (Bencher) HF9V Vertical +160m Add-on Coil
  • Ameritron ALS-1300 Solid State 1200W Amplifier (160-10m)
  • M2 6M-3SS (6m) 3 Element
  • Ultimax Antennas 40/80m Double Bazooka
  • Falcon FDP 60m Dipole
  • Alpha Delta DX-A 160-80-40m Dipole Trap Antenna
  • Timewave Navigator W/ Upgraded Winkey
  • Timewave ANC-4 Noise Canceler
  • Timewave (AEA) PK232 (Full overhaul) & PK900
  • TE Systems 0552G Amplifier (6m) 375W
  • Kantronics 3+ & KAM XL (TNC)
  • Yaesu FT-950 (HF & 6m) w/Extras
  • Yaesu FT-450 (HF & 6m)
  • Yaesu FT-736R (2m, 1.25m, 70cm, 23cm)
  • Yaesu VX-8DR w/GPS  & Bluetooth (6m/2m/1.25m/70cm/APRS)
  • Yaesu FP-1030A Power Supply
  • West Mountain Radio RIGrunner 4004U Power Distribution
  • TYT MD-2017 DMR 2m/440
  • Astron RS-70m 70amp Power Supply
  • MFJ VHF Data Radio x2 (144.39 & 144.10Mhz)
  • Icom IC-M127 Marine Band Radio
  • Ameritron ALS-600 Amplifier
  • W2IHY EQ Plus & W2IHY 8 Band Equalizer
  • ZLP Interface for Yaesu FT-450 & FT-950
  • MDS Rotor Controller
  • LDG AT-600PROII Auto Tuner
  • Homebrew 10Mhz GPS Disciplined Oscillator (Trimble Thunderbolt)
  • Various MFJ Tuners, including external
  • Various Low-Cost SDRs
  • Various Uniden/Bearcat & Radio Shack Scanners
  • Various Antennas I parted with, upgraded or rusted out
  • Stuff I likely long forgot about...